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French & Arab

Predominantly Islam

Djibouti City

801.179 – Two ethnic groups: Issa Somali and Afar

Though closely related culturally and linguistically, the Afar and the Somali-speaking groups (especially the Issa) have been rivals for power and access to resources. This tension exploded into open armed conflict in the 1990s. After a military campaign to quell the Afar revolt, the government opted for a policy of compromise without endangering Issa dominance, and a full-scale "ethnicization" of politics was averted.

Afar refugees in New Zealand arrived in 1999, settling in Hamilton.

Traditional Afar and Issa culture as well as Islam tend to support a pattern of gender roles that give men predominance in public life, business, and politics. Economic necessity, conflict, and migration have made many women the sole household head.

The Issa and Afar value the expression of personal independence and courage, but not recklessness. They feel attached to their cultural tradition, or at least to their idea of it.

Older people are treated respectfully.

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Contact Roctrust for more missing information.

Afar have a traditional preference for patrilateral cross-cousin marriage.

In the city is the nuclear family, although members of extended families often live together and provide mutual support.

Men make decisions involving the movement of herds and families.

The family and local community play a crucial role in education and the transmission of culture and morals.

There are no universities. Many high school graduates go to France to pursue higher education.

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