Providing Advocacy, Education and Information for former Refugees.

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General staff members

Jane Caldwell:

Co-ordinator, Catch-up & Youth Mentoring Programs

Janina Rack:

Tutor, Driving Education - Learners

Naomi Baker: 

Teacher, Study Support Centre

Vivian Keane: 

Co-ordinator, Holiday Program

Alice Stringfellow:

Supervisor, Holiday Program

Kadija Ali: 

Tutor,Computer Training

Kim Beale:

Event contact person,Jambo Cup Soccer Auckland

Isobel Dinning: 

Tutor, Catch up Program

Juan Arias Castro: 

Tutor, Catch up Program


Bilingual workers 

Bilingual workers for Colombians: 

Suldery Milla, and Patricia Delsy

Bilingual workers for Somalis: 

Faduma Khali Mohammed

Bilingual worker for Iraqis: 

Sandos Mohamed

Bilingual workers for Afghans: 

Maryam Nouri

Bilingual workers for Burmese: 

Aung Min Hein Kyan


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